Volume II : Page 18

Volume II | November 03, 2022

Volume II : Page 18

Made In : Spain

Canoa Lab Studios in Valencia, Spain

Something has been brewing ever since we went to Spain this summer and we are so excited to share our new curation of treasures for the most curious of collectors and thoughtful gift givers, just in time for the holidays.

We discovered each of these makers on our travels and were so drawn to each piece in their collections. We have a such a deep appreciation for - and fascination with - form and function, ancient and modern, raw and refined and anything that is able to embody that feeling of warmth.

Our vision of Arjé HOME is grounded in curating pieces that reflect this essence and in celebrating objects that have the power to transport you to another place and time, so that each piece inspires spirited conversation and curiosity to ask "where did you find this?" with both passion and appreciation.

This holiday season, enjoy our new curation of all things MADE IN SPAIN and meet the makers behind the work. These are the stories that inspire the foundation of our home and yours.

Image Credit : Courtesy of Marta Bonilla

Discover Marta Bonilla

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Marta Bonilla captures the traditional feeling of clay in almost impossibly thin terracotta, delicately handcrafted into functional and thoughtful objects of desire for your home. When Marta first found ceramics, she became enamored with the material and the freedom it allowed when creating. In each of her pieces, from her signature lamps to her new accent furniture to her decorative vessels, you feel the subtle traces of creation and the presence of a hand at work.

Discover Canoa Lab

Based in Valencia, Spain, Canoa Lab founded by Raquel Vidal and Pedro Paz echo the shapes and textures of ancient artifacts, imparting a sense of ritual for modern use. Their ceramics focus on texture, color and form, calling to the ancient design of Iberian, Roman and Greek societies of the Mediterranean, hand-made in their local workshop. Each piece is crafted uniquely with a focus on materials, intention and artistry. Of their creations they say their work is "not defined by a concrete movement but is shaped by the sum of the them, as a kind of palimpsest."

Image Credit : Courtesy of Canoa Lab

Image Credit : Courtesy of Florentine Kitchen Knives

Discover Florentine Kitchen


Florentine Kitchen Knives founder Tomer Botner believes that a well made tool has the power to enhance your daily experience in the kitchen. Combining the performance of professional chef knives with the beauty of a handcrafted piece, these kitchen knives as Tomer states are "objects of desire in the shape of functional tools." Each piece is made by hand in Barcelona, Spain and is a celebration of the ancient techniques of knife making.

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