Nordic Knots by Arjé


Finding Home


The idea of home means something different to everyone, and we spend a lot of time honing in on just what evokes that feeling of comfort. We’ve found it in objects or environments where all our senses are engaged, but it just as often comes from intangibles: in friendship, love, or from within. So many people find their place in our adopted city of New York, where cultures and histories merge to become that indefinable and emotional connection we all recognize as home. It’s certainly the case for us, and the real magic is that once you find it, it follows you everywhere.

We met our friends and collaborators, Nordic Knots, in New York more than twelve years ago, and found synergy in a shared love of design that brings beauty and serenity to people’s lives. Collaboration is the core of Arjé HOME and it brings us so much joy to share this one, our first of its kind, with you. Our parallel creative worlds, with all the combined elements of our diverse backgrounds- Mediterranean, Turkish, Spanish, Scandinavian, fused into a collection of hand knotted wool rugs that grounds us and explores that sense of place in finding home. We were inspired by the warmth and movement of light, and the play of touch and texture. The abstract perspective of Cubism influenced form, and we looked to ancient, organic motifs to complete our unique symbolism- representing the Arjé eye and the knot of Nordic Knots.


In celebration of launching Nordic Knots by Arjé, our dream of home takes literal shape in a 3D rendering by French architect Nicholas Préaud. Together we designed every detail with the intention of bringing together global environments and emotion into one universal design language. We visualized our rugs into their own not-quite-of-this-world setting. Just as the rugs are simultaneously cozy, strong and refined, The Arjé x Nordic Knots HOME crosses all realms of season, location and aesthetic. It is the warmth of an olive grove in the south of Spain, and the coolness of the Swedish archipelago. It is in this space that we saw our collection come to life, taking us into the next chapter of Arjé HOME’s continuous journey.

Nordic Knots by Arjé

Merging old-world richness with contemporary minimalism