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An ongoing exhibition of new works from artists around the globe curated in collaboration with Emilia Börjesson from Placemeant.

"I'm so inspired by antiquity and myth- how the world has always turned. What’s remained and what has died. Symbol, beauty, romance, heroism, death, duality, joy, desire- these are all central in art and creation."

- Jessalyn Brooks

"Making art is perhaps the most gorgeous of human compulsions. On the one hand, it’s pointless; I have had to justify my work to myself thousands of times because, inarguably, there is always something more important to be done. On the other hand, there is something quite urgent about reckoning with our finite human experience and understanding ourselves through an object we’ve created as a metaphor, a bridge between experience and meaning."

- Jennie Edgar

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life & everything is possible"

- Hermentaire

"I realized that art cannot be proper. Art has to be exaggerated. So I used my art to show my soul. Art that was engendered within me. I believe painting offers a way to dream and create emotions. Painting helps me think. This is me and my blank canvas."

- Philippine de Richemont

"I use rhythm as a visual language and my movements are mirrored in the work’s gestural qualities beyond the borders of the canvas. I focus on figural abstraction and visual sensory experiences to create a space between the viewer and the work. The notion of time is explored through flowing gesture, always in flux - never static - and expresses intangible moments in time. My work invokes emotion, thought, and memory."

- Heidi Lanino