The Arjé HOME is a complete circle of artisans and makers who share a philosophy of collaboration, global influence and never-ending cultural curiosity. Our finely edited selection of items is collected, curated and created to unite fashion, art, furniture, ceramics, glassware, cuisine and design, with custom pieces designed by Arjé alongside an array of local and regional craftspeople to harmoniously blend with the work of curated artists from around the world. Just as each clothing collection is a new Chapter to build an enduring wardrobe piece by piece, the Arjé HOME builds a space that is at once cozy and opulent, welcoming and refined, elegant and an experience of all the senses. 

The origin of our name suggests both the intangible and essential beginning of all things, and an invitation to a limitless conversation of the possible. The evolution of the Arjé world is simultaneously complete and always ongoing.