Volume II : Page 36

Volume II | July 01, 2024

Volume II : Page 36

Artist Spotlight: Luciana Ame

Initium, By Luciana Ame in The Arjé HOME

We are captivated by artists who bridge worlds and bring depth to simplicity.Luciana Ame is one such artist whose work resonates profoundly with our vision. Born in Poland, Luciana splits her time between Sweden and Italy, creating art that is immediate, expressive, and deeply human.

Luciana describes her work as "immediate expression without the possibility of changes," a philosophy that brings a raw and honest quality to her large acrylic paintings on canvas. Her effortless, almost rhythmic brushstrokes create a visual counterpoint to her classical music background, blending two art forms into one seamless experience.

“The lines must capture the viewer and lead them into a fantasy world of experiences.”

Luciana Ame at Work in Her Studio

Constantly on the move, Luciana sets up temporary studios in diverse locations. From the historic stables of Stockholm to the ancient, inspiring landscapes of Vernazza, Italy, her changing environments deeply influence her large-scale pieces. These settings allow her to draw from both the past and present, creating a timeless dialogue on canvas.

Her work is rooted in the study of the human body, influenced by ancient, Renaissance, and modern worlds. This exploration results in contemporary art that invites viewers to be fully present, to see themselves in her portraits, and to find a space for contemplation and imagination.

We love her ability to infuse her art with a sense of freedom and immediacy.

Initium is a large-scale abstract portrait by Luciana Ame, created exclusively for ARJÉ. It features bold black acrylic lines on a white canvas, depicting the human form with expressive simplicity. Inspired by her travels and diverse influences, this piece embodies her philosophy of "immediate expression," bringing a powerful presence to any room.


SISTINE, by Luciana Ame

Sistine showcases Luciana Ame's distinctive style with clean black acrylic lines on a white canvas. This large-scale portrait captures the human form with minimalistic yet profound expression. Influenced by ancient and modern art, Sistine invites viewers to connect deeply with its raw and honest depiction.


Discover Luciana Ame’s work and experience the profound simplicity and expressive depth she brings to every piece.


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