Volume II : Page 32

Volume II | March 15, 2024

Volume II : Page 32


Re Jin Lee

Inside Re Jin Lee’s Studio in Pound Ridge, New York.

When curating work for Arjé HOME, we always look to find artists and makers whose work and values resonate with us deeply. Our visit toRe Jin Lee's studio outside New York City was a journey into the heart of creativity. Situated beside her home, Lee's studio is a haven where each sculpture, whether in progress or complete, pulsates with life, akin to stepping into Willy Wonka’s realm of wonders. To say we were “inspired” is an understatement!

Re Jin Lee working on The Mesa Table Series

Lee's signature ceramic style emerges from a tactile dialogue with clay, where individually rolled slabs and coils come together in a meditative process, reflecting her belief in the profound power of simplicity.

MESA XIV stands out as a sculpture that seamlessly blends into life as a side table or pedestal. Crafted with patience, its clay layers are slow-dried and adorned with slip, resulting in a piece that balances form and function with a quiet strength.


Georgette brings a tactile dimension to walls, serving as more than just a decorative piece. Its crafted relief adds depth and warmth, inviting a closer look and appreciation for the detail and craftsmanship.


The Mesa Table Series
Re Jin Lee's Studio in Pound Rigde, New York

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