Volume II : Page 27

Volume II | October 19, 2023

Volume II : Page 27


Zeynep Boyan

Pedestal III & Pedestal VII by Zeynep Boyan

Every summer, we travel to Turkey and our adventures never fail to inspire us. Last summer, having dinner at one of our favorite hotels in Bodrum, Maçakizi, we stumbled upon Zeynep's pieces in a beautiful exhibition featuring ceramic artists from all over the world. Instantly falling in love with her work, we have been following her creative journey ever since. This fall, we are excited to welcome Zeynep into the Arjé World and invite you to explore her one-of-a-kind pieces.

Based in Montréal, Zeynep Boyan is a self-taught artist and designer who specializes in clay as her primary medium. Boyan's upbringing in Adana, Turkey has had a great influence on her designs, echoing the simplicity and elegance of Mediterranean culture. Inspired by organic forms in nature, she aims to capture the essence of the natural world - emphasizing biomorphic plasticity through balance, tension, negative space, and movement. Her work spans abstract sculptures, furniture, and functional pieces, all meticulously crafted by hand.

The dialogue between Zeynep’s work and our collection is in seamless flow. From bookstacks rich in influence to forms mirrored in original works of art, abstract shapes, organic forms, and natural textures are the threads that connect each piece.

Pedestal VII by Zeynep Boyan

Pedestal VII Ceramic Sculpture

Handcrafted using the time-honored techniques of pinching and coiling, Pedestal VII is a unique ONE-OF-A-KIND sculpture that begs to bring artful character to your bookshelf or mantle.

Pedestal III Ceramic Sculpture

Crafted using hand pinching and coiling techniques, each sculpture in Zeynep's series is ONE-OF-A-KIND and an act of intuition—a canvas where different glazes and finishes playfully interact.

Pedestal III by Zeynep Boyan

Pedestal III & Pedestal VII by Zeynep Boyan
Pedestal III & Pedestal VII by Zeynep Boyan

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