Volume II : Page 25

Volume II | August 23, 2023

Volume II : Page 25


Yoona Hur

Bird Sculpture 5, by Yoona Hur

Introducing Yoona Hur to the Arjé family. On a beautiful summer's morning at the Arjé HOME we met Yoona, a kindred spirit who shared her creations and the personal philosophy behind her work.

We've admired Hur's artistry for quite some time, especially her graceful touch with mediums like clay and paper, turning them into thoughtful creations that echo the natural world. As she likened her work to an endlessly growing garden, planting new seeds and watching how each creation blooms into the next, it felt like reconnecting with an old friend. Her approach naturally mirrored our world at Arjé.

Born in Seoul, raised in Canada, and now working out of New York City, Yoona Hur's art is a manifestation of her respect for her Korean heritage. The delicate weave of tradition and culture found in each creation is a testament to a deep connection to her roots. In her hands, old-world wisdom meets contemporary expression, and each piece becomes a quiet celebration of her rich cultural lineage.

We're excited to have Yoona in the Arjé family and invite you to explore her work. It's a collaboration that feels just right, a harmonious blend of traditions, creativity, and shared values.

Bird Vessel 8, by Yoona Hur

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