Volume II : Page 23

Volume II | May 17, 2023

Volume II : Page 23

Unveiling Original Works of Art by Hermentaire 

Image Credit: Hermentaire in his studio

Introducing new works of art by Hermentaire, the artistic persona of Damien de Medeiros. With a background in music composition and filmmaking and a passion for photography and art, Hermentaire has found a new form of expression through paintings and drawings. With studios nestled between the vibrant streets of Paris, France, and the serene landscapes of Paros, Greece, Hermentaire invites you to immerse yourself in a dreamlike world of captivating creations. Drawing inspiration from his African heritage, revered artists, and the marvels of the world, Hermentaire utilizes watercolor, acrylic, collage, and relief techniques to bring his artistic vision to life. Each stroke and line of his artistry weaves a captivating story, where characters come to life with poetic personalities. The interplay of shades, nuanced blacks, and deep-hued earth tones evokes a sense of wonder and invites exploration of Hermentaire's personal and evocative creations.


These pieces beckon you to become a collector, weaving together a personal gallery that resonates with your individual aesthetic. Discover the joy of curating your own ensemble of Hermentaire's creations and let the magic of his artistry inspire and enrich your space.

- Hermentaire

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