Volume II : Page 2

Volume II | November 11, 2021

Volume II : Page 2

Introducing The Arjé Makers

A Conversation with Ceramicist Giselle Hicks

Today we sit down with Giselle to talk about her process & the pure pleasure of creating

What is your philosophy of making?


I want to make beautiful things for people to live with. I make simply for the pure pleasure of using the material. I like the way it feels and enjoy the experience of seeing a form come up into space. I like the challenge of making something I see in my mind’s eye and then having it come to be…. Even if it's not exactly what I’ve imagined. I hope to be surprised by the work or to have it lead me in a new direction. I want my work to move out into the world with ease because I think it’s important to live with handmade, beautiful things

What techniques, processes, and materials do you use?


I use a stoneware clay to coil and pinch the work into its shape. This series of work came from a self-imposed assignment to make something using only a few tools. My hope is that the finished piece reflects my skill and control of the material while acknowledging the limitations and idiosyncrasies of my hands and body.

What's the inspiration behind your work?


I love minimalist paintings and the abstract expressionist movement as a whole. That’s my favorite work to stand in front of and experience. I’m not sure if it impacts what I make, but it reminds me how powerful art can be and how it can change how we experience or perceive the world around us.

Relationship between previous and current work?


I have always been interested in the domestic space, particularly the spaces that are routinely inhabited- the bed and bedroom and the table and dining room. I’ve made work about these spaces and I’ve made work for these spaces. Ultimately, I want my work to be part of the beauty of people’s everyday lives.

What aspect of your process or your work is the most surprising?


Maybe that I live in the middle of a cow pasture in Montana!


Quote that encapsulates your life and work?

"It’s good to be here. It’s good to be anywhere."

 – Keith Richards

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