Volume II : Page 8

Volume II | December 25, 2021

Volume II : Page 8

A Little Warmth To Light The Way

The Farmers’ Almanac tells us that the word solsticecomes from the Latin sol(Sun) and sistere (to stand still), indicating the stillness of the sun’s rays against the plane of the Earth’s equator during the solstice. We’re still passing through the thick of the Winter Solstice now, and if we were ever feeling the need to stand still, it’s this week. Perhaps this holiday season didn’t turn out as we all expected, but if we’re lucky enough to be safe at home or with loved ones, it’s enough to recharge and take stock of the coming year.

With each passing day, this “rebirth of the Sun” will bring us more light, lightness, and reasons to smile. The Ancient Romans, and many cultures, passed through the solstice by forgiving grudges, postponing negative interaction and throwing every kind of bash, from carnivals to bacchanals. This year’s circumstances hint that we’ll be skipping the bacchanal for now, but we’re still finding the festive wherever we can. There’s always some reason to celebrate, no matter how small!

Right now, we’re celebrating by sharing:

Volume II : Album 11

Winter Solstice Playlist

The ultimate mood shifters, the warmest golden light to bring inside your home for the darkest winter days.

And, Shearlings are on their way!

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