Volume II : Page 7

Volume II | December 16, 2021

Volume II : Page 7

Arjé AT HOME: Soaking In The Moment

We have to admit, it feels wonderful to be back in the swing of things. Walking into a delicious smelling home with a bottle of wine and the perfect gift, seeing everyone’s faces warmed by candlelight, the sound of glasses clinking in a toast. It’s one of the things we missed most- along with collaborating with our makers, and envisioning beautiful items to complete a home for ourselves and others. This year, we’re well and truly soaking in the festive spirit, and we intend to keep the love going into the new year and throughout.

There’s still time to grab the perfect gift for every person and mood- something precious to leave behind as an everyday reminder to loved ones of joy shared, and a promise of occasions to come.

Our Favorite Gifts

And, for those who love choosing the perfect piece as much as we do, Arjé GIFT Cards are always the right choice.

Each of our pieces is unique, made with care and attention to craftsmanship and quality, and we love talking about them. Call us 646 299 6715 or email info@arje.com, we’re here to chat about any of our collections and help you find the perfect gift this holiday season.

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