Volume II : Page 5

Volume II | December 02, 2021

Volume II : Page 5

In Pursuit Of Pleasure


There’s something about the giving or getting of books that feels so intimate, but universal. The perfect one can give someone a window into your world, and offer the all important connection of making someone feel seen. We collaborated with Kelly Croteau the founder of Maison Plage, to curate our specialty stacks- a customized mix of new and vintage volumes on art, architecture, food, travel destinations, hard to find rarities (like vintage copies of HOLIDAY magazine), and timeless, cheeky gems (like The Pleasures of Leisure.)

Together we dreamed up the perfect stacks for everyone, from your very best friend, to The Person Who Has Everything. We loved the process of curating these stacks, how we factored in everything from a book’s color, shape and size, to origin, contents, author and, of course, the person getting it. What could be more important this time of year than tapping into that “I found this just for you” energy? Here is just a little bit on the story of how the Arjé Library came to be.

Arjé: We were really drawn to how you work and the way you curate a book stack so that it creates a whole mood...

Kelly: I loved putting together the Arjé Library with you...the emotional part is the base and the visual is the cherry on top! I always gave friends and family books and their reaction was always the same, that it was just the best gift. But I had never done such clear themes and mood-matching colors for an environment like I did with you at Arjé. Of course the color groupings were a big part of it, and it came out really special.

Arjé: The visual/emotional connection is definitely one of the most important factors to us.

Kelly: You said you wanted the stacks to look like “a Rothko that has this powerful color of energy living in the bookcase.” I loved that! And you had a great list of titles to jump off from that personified the Arjé world. From there, it was natural to find a “home” for each of them, from The Fifth Sense Book Stack, to The Sunshine Book Stack and The Escape Book Stack. It makes the whole process of finding a personal gift so much easier for people.

Arjé: How do books make you feel?

Kelly: Once covid hit I found myself lending books out to friends/family who needed to escape and get inspired whether just in life or for a project they were working on. I also realized how important it is to be comfortable in your home. It really is your place to relax and unwind, a place to feel content and be surrounded by objects that reflect you personally and hopefully excite and inspire others. For me personally I find books are not only aesthetically pleasing but also continue to educate and inspire, I can look at the same coffee book over and over and find something new every time.

Arjé: We could tell from the start that your pursuit of inspiration and the joy of escaping into a good book was just as meaningful as it is to us. We wanted the books in the home to feel as important as the art.

Kelly: When I started Maison Plage I wanted to have a place online where people could go to escape and shop a selection of books rare and out of print titles and newer books on art, fashion, interior design, travel and photography. You have that same feeling that turning a page of a good book should make you feel like you’re escaping into a new destination.

Arjé: What was your favorite part about building the Arjé Library?

Kelly: You were so passionate about the project it got me really excited. And you both have such great taste I knew it would be special. You described your vision what and who inspires you in art, design and travel and what an Arjé space would look like and the artisans and makers involved. The titles we worked on reflected that whole world. You were both truly excited about your work which I find rare. And I just love the stacks we created together - I mean, who wouldn't want a Sunshine Stack for the holidays!? A collection of eight rich yellow hue-bound stories about travel, art, photography and food.

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