Volume II : Page 33

Volume II | June 04, 2024

Volume II : Page 33

Artist Spotlight: Ben Kicic

Inside The Arjé HOME featuring the Gradual Chairs By Ben Kicic.

The Dining Room at Arjé HOME is our favorite spot—it's where everything aligns perfectly. The room's rich tones and textures, from oak-fluted walls to textured plaster, create a warm, inviting backdrop for our furniture collection. When we crafted The Tessa Table specifically for this space, it demanded the perfect chairs to match. Discovering Ben Kicic’s work late one night, we were struck by how his designs would do more than just fill a space—they would complete it, echoing the aesthetic and ambiance we treasure.

The Gradual Armchair by Ben Kicic

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Ben Kicic brings over a decade of experience from renowned design firms to his own practice. Viewing materials as his primary language, Ben focuses on the unique qualities of each element, crafting pieces that speak through their forms and textures.

His approach merges the practical with the poetic, offering a rare blend of utilitarian function and understated elegance. Each piece is meticulously crafted on the East Coast—from Brooklyn, New York, to Pennsylvania. Designed to get better with age, his furniture becomes an integral part of the experiences of those who interact with it. Imagine dining chairs that hold memories from countless shared moments. This livability ensures that each item not only enhances its environment but embodies our commitment to designs that are as functional as they are beautiful.

The Gradual Armchair is the perfect companion to the Tessa Table or as a distinctive accent in any space. It features a walnut wood frame with deep cognac leather seating, marrying comfort and craftsmanship in its build. Customizable in both wood and leather finish.


Inspired by utilitarian furniture, the Gradual Armchair features a walnut wood frame with deep cognac leather seats, creatively playing with the proportions of turned wood elements. Customizable in both wood and leather finish.


A look inside Ben Kicic's world where all the magic happens in his Brooklyn Studio.

Inside Ben Kicic's Studio, Brooklyn NY

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