Volume II : Page 31

Volume II | March 11, 2024

Volume II : Page 31

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The Edit: Sculptural Furniture

New In: The Orion Coffee Table


Our process of creating warm, soulful, artful spaces has always been about looking beyond the mere function of pieces and seeing them as sculptural elements in every room. This was exemplified last year when we received a request for a custom commission. The client's affection for our Cosmo coffee table and her desire for a piece that would complement the artful harmony of her home inspired us. We drew upon the artwork and objects we were curating for her, which led to the creation of The Orion. This hand-sculpted coffee table, featuring three unique totem legs, has now become the cornerstone of our upcoming furniture collection launching later this year.

Embracing the concept of sculptural furniture has always been at the heart of our design philosophy. We relish the idea of each piece from our collection becoming a unique and functional part of your living space. Crafted by hand from walnut wood in our Brooklyn workshop and finished with a solid glass top, The Orion is designed for endless customization, enhancing its appeal and allowing it to effortlessly integrate into the unique aesthetic of your home.

Sculptural Coffee Table in Walnut Wood Glass top, Unique Decor


Sculptural Furniture


Dive into our curated selection and discover pieces that narrate the story of your space. Each item, handcrafted with care, is a conduit for artful energy and elegance in your living environment.


Moen: I understand that you designed quite a few pieces of furniture in your home. Everything feels perfect for the space. What was your process and did you have any prior furniture-making experience?


Arjé: Thank you for your kind words! The process of designing and making the furniture was an exciting and special journey for us. We had no prior experience in furniture-making before embarking on this project. We are completely self-taught in this regard. Oliver, with his background as a patternmaker, played a pivotal role in guiding the process. He applied the same principles he learned in creating clothing to the process of building furniture. During a “break” in our renovation process—as we focused on the business side of building out Arjé HOME and taking a moment to re-align—Oliver began experimenting with furniture-making. He utilized his equipment and skills to start building the pieces we had sketched out. Initially, we had planned to take our sketches to a wood workshop to create prototypes, but we ended up creating all the first prototypes ourselves. It was an incredible, hands-on process. We learned as we went along, making adjustments and refinements to achieve the desired designs. It was a true labor of love, and we’re thrilled with the results. Designing and making our own furniture allowed us to have complete control over the aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that each piece was tailored perfectly to our space. Overall, the experience of designing and creating our furniture was a deeply rewarding one, and now serves as the foundation of our brand! At our studio in Dumbo, we are producing furniture, working on custom commissions, and creating our new furniture collection.

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