Volume II : Page 3

Volume II | November 19, 2021

Volume II : Page 3

Gather With Arjé

The Home Table: A Season For Magic Moments

New York City may be where we’ve called home for a long time, and we embrace the always evolving autumn traditions that bring us together. But celebrating with friends and family this time of year is universal and culture-wide, and that’s what we love most. When the mood is right, every person and object brings their own warmth to a gathering, adding to the music, low light, wine, food, and so much laughter. For us, these moments are the most important medicine in the world. 

We wanted all the pieces of Arjé HOME to reflect that warmth, so that anyone who touches them feels a sense of welcome, sparking spirited conversation and inspiring the curiosity of where did you find this… From the smoky handblown glassware, kept flowing with your elixir of choice, to everyone’s favorite fare on earthenware plates, or sculptural candlesticks that beg to be picked up, everything is made to say: Thank you for being here. We’re so happy to see you. (Even our very first Tessa Dining Table was designed to be a centerpiece of the action, with all our loved ones gathered around.) These are the things that build our home, and yours. 


Our Favourite Winter Elixir

1.5 ounce Campari 

1.5 ounce gin

1 ounce sweet vermouth 

12 white currants 

2-3 ice cubes 

Mix Campari, gin, vermouth and currants.

Fill serving glass with several ice cubes and strain mixture over ice and garnish with currants.


"This is the power of gathering: it inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: in a word, more alive."

 – Alice Waters

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