Volume II : Page 28

Volume II | October 30, 2023

Volume II : Page 28

An Ode To The


Mushroom Floor Lamp by Nicholas Bijan Pourfard, Image Courtesty of Nicholas Bijan Pourfard

We’ve had an affinity towards the world of mushrooms for as long as we can remember. These humble earth-dwellers captivate us in their complexity, both visible and invisible. They're the tangible evidence of a hidden world, capturing our collective imagination. As October comes to a close and we prepare to retreat inwards, we turn our focus to our longstanding muse—the mushroom. We’re excited to share pieces from our curation that embody the unique allure of these enigmatic beings and bring both a coziness and a sense of curiosity to your living space.

Mushroom Table Lamp by Nicholas Bijan Pourfard, Image Courtesty of Nicholas Bijan Pourfard

Crafted by Nicholas Bijan Pourfard, each Mushroom Lamp is a union of form and freedom. Whether it's the large-scale floor lamp or its smaller tableside counterpart, the hand-thrown ceramic shade rests gracefully on its base, allowing you to direct the glow wherever your space begs for light. Each piece bears the imprints of its creation—slight variations in clay, firing, and shape. This isn’t merely a lamp; it's an interactive piece of art, enriching your space as it continually adapts to your life.

Mushroom Floor Lamp

Fern Green

Mushroom Table Lamp

Bone White Raw

Mushroom Table Lamp

Black Raw

Mushroom Table Lamp

Terracotta Raw

The Mushroom Book STACK

This carefully curated STACK includes titles such as ‘Altered States: The Library of Julio Santo Domingo’, ‘John Cage: A Mycological Foray: Variations on Mushrooms’, ‘The Future is Fungi’ and ‘The Timothy Leary Project’. Beyond their aesthetic charm on any bookshelf, these books serve as portals into the intricate world of fungi—a realm that mirrors the labyrinthine beauty of our own lives providing both intellectual and spiritual nourishment. Each page turned is an invitation to delve deeper, to explore new corridors of thought.

Mushroom Floor Lamp by Nicholas Bijan Pourfard, Image Courtesty of Nicholas Bijan Pourfard


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