Volume II : Page 20

Volume II | March 06, 2023

Volume II : Page 20

Marching Into Spring:

Celebrating Life's Transitions

The Arjé HOME

As we welcome the month of March, we can feel the subtle shift from the depths of winter to the awakening of spring. While the first snow in NYC may have just fallen last week, there's excitement in the air for the transition that lies ahead. The extra hour of daylight and the promise of longer, lighter days are a welcome gift, inspiring us to embrace change in our lives and in our surroundings.

And so, with the changing of seasons comes the desire to refresh our homes and wardrobes. It's a chance to honor the transition between darkness and lightness and observe the essence of creation and abundance that the early buds of spring so beautifully symbolize.


In our curated selection of transitional pieces, we invite you to embrace this unique flow of winter into spring. From lighter weight suede jackets to functional nylon outerwear, our pieces are designed to help you navigate the changing weather and mood. Infuse your home with warm shades of green and adorn your vessels with sculptural blossoming branches that capture the fleeting beauty of the season. Our selection of serveware and decor will reflect the bounty of the earth, ready to display the treasures of the local farmers market that slowly emerge with each passing day.


Join us in celebrating the magic of transitions and let our curation help you embrace the beauty of change.


- Yoko Ono

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