Volume II : Page 19

Volume II | December 06, 2022

Volume II : Page 19

While Building Arjé HOME, we wanted the freedom to design entirely from our imaginations and unite concepts with artisans we admire. We scour every source (new and vintage) for the perfect pieces to complete every space. Those three main tenets that make up our collections - create, collaborate, and curate - mean we can explore creativity from every angle.

Common Body Studios in Los Angeles, California

In The Studio With:Common Body

Right from the start, we knew we wanted to work with sculptor Nathaniel Kyung Smith the founder of Common Body

His tactile, raw, figurative forms have an ancient yet incredibly modern presence to them. Inspired by Cubists, Dadaists, Indigenous Artifacts, Spiritual Symbolism and a direct emotional experience with life, Nathaniel works in mostly stone and clay - ancient materials which inspire a slower, intuitive and more rhythmic pace of creation. As Nathaniel shared with us, these chosen materials reflect some ambivalence towards the idea of progress and advancing technology, asking the creator to connect back to their heart and hands, creating a sense of true balance in the fast paced world we live in today.

We loved diving into Nathaniels world and collaborating with him on a limited edition collectionof pieces for the holiday season to spark joy for your home - each a character in their own right - figurative, earthly, natural, tactile, connected and alive - each form is designed to stand alone or be grouped as a series.

But perhaps most importantly, each piece and its charming presence inspires you to slow down, appreciate the true art of a hand-made object and serve as the perfect gift to satisfy everyone on your list.

Born in Minnesota, and now working in Los Angeles California, Nathaniel and his work are the embodiment of an Arjé Maker - sometimes roaming, always searching for inspiration and most at peace in the process of making.

“Making is a commitment to actuating the magic in one’s spirit”

- Nathaniel Kyung Smith

Gifts To Satisfy Everyone On Your List

In Stock and Ready To Ship For The Holidays


What are the holidays if not the pursuit of pleasure? For some, that means whipping together tantalizing treats in the kitchen, or serving up a sparkling something to present to guests at the dining table. For others, it’s retreating into the most tranquil space you can find to seek your ultimate comfort. As eternal fans of the unique and beautiful, we’ve curated a trove of treasures for every kind of aesthete in your life.

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