Volume II : Page 12

Volume II | February 08, 2022

Volume II : Page 12

An Arjé Valentine: Your Style Soulmate Is A Mood


The perfect love match is effortless, versatile and comforting. It holds you like a hug from a cloud, but adapts to a change in the plan, the mood, the temperature. You may find something new to love every day, but you never lose that feeling of warmth you get from being in sync.

Our shearlings are the ultimate expression of the perfect partner. They’re designed to work with you through the seasons, from day to night, from city to country. The best part? Every style is fully reversible, from smooth suede to curly shearling, so when you do finally commit - getting bored is never an option.

It’s that unique merging of personal style in home and wardrobe that draws you in and speaks to what you love - be it the ideal candlestick, sculpture, or plush chair that completes your vision of a good union. Just like our coats each embody their own feeling, ready for you to make it yours. Treat yourself- or your special someone - to a new soulmate.


Mood:  Craves an exploration, a new adventure, the rustic road less traveled. A day spent unearthing estate sale treasures, crunching through the woods, the vintage Wrangler with the top down and the heat turned up.


Mood:  Goes for timeless favorites and relaxed luxury. Always up for a crisp Sunday stroll in the winter sun. Steaming paper cups in hand, the window shop, the park bench, the new exhibit uptown (or down.)

Mood:  Loves a cracking fireplace and that soft-to-the-touch feel. The cozy card game, the smoky glass, a rich gâteau by candlelight... for one, two or more. Bundle up to run out for one more bottle of wine.

Mood:  Embodies effortless cool, with a sleek finish. A glittering cityscape, the secret knock, a little mystery, the night cap, a touch of trouble... The slow morning after in a rumpled bed.

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