Volume II : Page 1

Volume II | November 04, 2021

Volume II : Page 1

The Pieces That Brought Us To Arjé HOME

To understand Arjé Home is to understand our approach to everything. Design itself is our medium, and for us, it’s all connected- clothing, furniture or an entire home. Our world is immersive, holistic, intuitive.

Our first step into interiors was one we needed to take. We are natural designers and though the first creative expression for both of us was clothing, (and we’re grateful because fashion brought us together) we are always thinking about shape and form in every space. We dreamed of the perfect pieces to live with, foundational fixtures that ground a room and can build with any collection, personality, or environment.

We loved how familiar the feeling of mastering new shapes and patterns, and “draping” wood and upholstery was to making a dress or coat. We guided our furniture into that same process of finding how it “fits”- onto a person, or into a room with four walls and a floor.

Our clothes have always referenced a mood, that feeling of being invited in that we are always looking to capture. It’s not enough that they just look beautiful. They have to feel like they’re hugging you, and that you’re interacting with warmth. We knew our Arjé Home pieces had to create that same welcome. Forever inspired by the Modernist shapes of Constantin Brâncuși, the simplicity of Brutalism, (but make it soft) and always the clean lines of Isamu Noguchi, we combined textures and chunky shapes with streamlined silhouettes, and sharp angles with rounded edges.

Designed by us to create balance in a home, and built with master wood craftspeople in the Finger Lakes region of Western New York, in some of the oldest and most valuable of North American woods, for natural character and individual elements that shine through each piece.


With Love,

The Corrals

The Beginning of Everything:

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