Volume II: A New Chapter

Volume II | October 14, 2021

Volume II : A New Chapter

Welcome Home

The new moon of autumn welcomes the change in season and carries special significance for us this year. It brings an abundance of bright light to illuminate and celebrate, a period of joy to be shared with the world, followed by a turning inward and a collective shift in energy and temperature. It also stands for rebirth, and the unveiling of what is truly within. Everything we do at Arjé comes from our belief that energy and creation has no real start or end, but is a constant circle of inspiration. We’ve had our vision since the very beginning, and the last year have given us the opportunity to pour our passion and energy into our own rebirth.


Until now, clothing was always our medium to make people feel a certain way. Beautiful, comfortable, elegant, with a connection to the journey of whatever has inspired us. In each new chapter, we wanted to bring you along on the trip in our vision- to a citrus grove in Puglia, sailing in Greece, a cabin retreat in the woods of Upstate New York- while lifting the curtain on why and how we do what we do. We spent years in Italy with our tailors and factories, learning side by side how to create new ways of producing under treasured legacies. Since we opened Arjé in 2017, you’ve seen that each raw material, design, and place exists for a reason, because of our commitment to community and responsibility and relationships. That commitment is at the core of everything we do.


With so much love and excitement, it’s now time to show you the next chapter, the Arjé HOME. We’ve built a virtual world of makers, craftspeople, designers of furniture, objects, accessories, artwork, collections and curations of everything we are most drawn to. And, just as we’ve built our clothing line from the very best, we’ve worked alongside our artisans to understand every detail in the process to make our own pieces. Our complete vision is for the most inviting home, filled with things that are welcoming, interesting, unusual, touchable. Pieces that feel ancient and modern, that make you long for faraway places and feel absolutely at home all at the same time. We discovered and designed things that spoke to us from our deepest themes of MIND, BODY and SPIRIT, and incorporated them into symbols of TRIANGLE, SQUARE and CIRCLE throughout the collection, in a reminder that our foundation is an all-encompassing, never ending circle. This is your virtual space to wander, explore, and take inspiration in building a lasting home.


We can’t wait for you to join us in building the Arjé HOME, a collective connection of design, food, clothing, travel moodboard and conversation, a place to shop and live and unlock creativity. This is just the beginning.


With Love,

The Corrals

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