In Pursuit Of Pleasure

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What are the holidays if not the pursuit of pleasure? For some, that means whipping together tantalizing treats in the kitchen, or serving up a sparkling something to present to guests at the dining table. For others, it’s retreating into the most tranquil space you can find to seek your ultimate comfort. As eternal fans of the unique and beautiful, we’ve curated a trove of treasures for every kind of aesthete in your life.


For The Outerwear Lover


They've been eyeing an Arjé Shearling for years, every year they dream of being wrapped in our signature, two-in-one cloud like coats or incredibly cozy outerwear. Be the best gift under the tree, find their perfect match and bring so much warmth and joy to the cold winter months ahead.


For The Epicurean


Explore thoughtfully crafted and functional pieces for those who enjoy the daily ceremony of both creating and sharing a beautiful meal.


For The Cozy Nest Seeker


For those who make the ordinary into a sanctuary. Explore a curated collection where every item is selected to evoke a memory from the most idyllic retreat.


For The Entertainer


A curation destined to win the hearts of those who love the act of entertaining. Unique objects alongside eclectic dinnerware become the canvas for connection and conversation around the dinner table.


For The Curious and Contemplative


There’s something about the giving or getting of books that feels so intimate, but universal. The perfect one can give someone a window into your world, and offer the all important connection of making someone feel seen.


For The Collector


What could be more important this time of year than tapping into that “I found this just for you” energy? Explore one-of-a-kind treasures from original works of art to handmade sculptures designed to please the eye and the mind.


Gifts under $550


Each one of our makers and artisans has shared something beautiful and precious, to them and to us, and now that we’re able to share with you this new cache of covetable, craveable treasures it makes us more exhilarated than ever to welcome the giving season with open arms. With gifts under $550 this is your curation to shop the most thoughtful pieces.


Gifts under $250


We appreciate that oftentimes a thoughtfully sourced, handmade piece can come with a higher price tag. So, this season we've put together a special curation of items that are more accessible – and so good that you’ll want to add more one than just one to your cart.


For The One Who Has It All




Email info@arje.comand we will create a personalized card and message for that someone special in your life.



In Stock, Ready To Ship and Guaranteed to Please


For when your time is limited and your list is long, a selection of pieces we love that are ready to ship today, easy to buy and are guaranteed to please anyone on your list.


Each of our pieces are unique, made with care and attention to craftsmanship and quality, and we love talking about them. Call us 646 299 6715 or email, we’re here to chat about any of our collections and help you find the perfect pieces for you or someone you love.