Shop By Room

Welcome in to the Arjé HOME.

This is your space to wander, explore, and take inspiration in building a lasting home. Each piece is designed to be lived with, around and in.A complete collection from created, collaborated and curated by Arjé.

Take your time as you journey through each room. Our team is here to guide you, whether you're seeking a custom commission or seeking expert advice on creating a curated home. Let us be your partner in transforming your space into a haven of creativity and comfort.

The Dining Room


A space to enhance the experience of shared meals.Unique objects alongside artisanal furniture and eclectic dinnerware become the canvas for connection and conversation around the dinner table.

The Kitchen


Where warmth and conversation naturally gravitate, and all objects carry a dual purpose of function and beauty. A collection of thoughtfully crafted pieces that make each task an occasion to create and commune.

The Living Room


The center of the home, where warmth and the flow of energy originate. Rich tones and layered textures play with inviting shapes and sculptural furnishings in a never ending feast for all the senses.

The Reading Room


A flawless gathering of vintage tomes, art volumes and rare finds sourced from all cultures and influence, grouped to please the eye and the mind. A constantly rotating capsule of treasures for the most curious of collectors.

The Bedroom


The sanctuary of the home, where handcrafted ceramics and pure linen sheets create a dreamy departure from the world. Every item is selected to evoke a memory from the most idyllic retreat.

The Gallery


An ongoing exhibition of new works from artists around the globe curated in collaboration with Emilia Börjesson from Placemeant.