It all started with "The Starter”.
Our journey into bread making started just weeks before the world went on lock down. 

Little did we know, this ancient and meditative ritual would define how we’ve been spending so much of our quarantine time, and give us a sense of purpose and pleasure during these difficult times. 

The action of creating something from two simple elemental ingredients, nurturing it and in turn using it to create bread is so simple and so amazing.

It does take patience, but once you've got it, your starter lasts a life time. Enjoy the process as much as the outcome. 

The Ingredients

• 150g rye flour or white flour or whole wheat flour

• 150g of filtered water 


Five Days

•  Day One  - 10 mins

•  Day Two - Day Five - 5 mins 


• Glass Jar 

• Scale 

• Spoon 

• Marker + Tape to mark the jar


1. Mix 150g flour with 150g water

2. Mix together in glass jar for 6-7 mins

3. Seal glass jar

4. Rest overnight

5. Store in room with natural light.

6. No direct light

7. Room must be 20-22 degrees celsius


1. Yeast must be fed daily

2. After resting for 24 hours, feed with 100g of flour + 100g of water

3. Add ingredients to starter and mix gently for a couple of minutes

4. Yeast should start to rise

5. You will see bubbles

6. Seal jar - leave in same position


1. Feed with 50g of flour + 50g of water

2. Follow same practice as Day Two

3. By Day Four starter should smell sour

4. Texture should feel pasty and slightly bubbly.

5. Day Five you can use starter to make bread

How to Maintain

• To keep it “alive” you need to feed it 50g of flour and 50g of water.

• The amount you feed your starter will depend on how often you make bread.

• If you make bread once a week, we suggest feeding twice a week.

• We suggest feeding in the evenings if you make bread in the morning. 

• Find a time that works for you, as you have to be as consistent as possible with your ingredients, timing and temperature. 

• We suggest naming your starter and every night you feed it, make a mark on the jar to mark its level, helping you see how much it grows by morning.  

• Once your starter is maintaining a healthy life and is bubbly, we suggest sharing a scoop with your family + friends to keep the ancient tradition of bread making alive.