We have officially joined the cult of Bread Making and we are completely obsessed.

We are not professionals, we are simply passionate experimenters enjoying the art of bread making and hoping to inspire a daily ritual in your life. 

We got the hang of this craft on loaf #4 and our only real advice is don't give up, research beyond this page, feel your way through different methods and enjoy the process as much as the outcome. 


•  500g of rye bread flour

•  2 teaspoons of salt

•  3 tablespoons of rye yeast starter 

•  270g of warm filtered water 


•  Prep 15 mins

•  Rest 8 - 10 hours - overnight

•  Bake 45 - 60 mins 


• 3 Metal or Glass Bowls

•  1 Sharp Kitchen knife

•  1 Wooden Spoon 

•  1 Teaspoon

•  1 Tablespoon

•  A 6-quart enameled cast-iron Dutch oven

•  Baking Paper

•  Kitchen Towel or Gauze 


•  One Loaf


1. In the first bowl add 500g flour 

2. Add salt and mix

3. In the second bowl add 270g of water, add 3 spoons of starter and mix

4. Once starter has dissolved into the water slowly add mixture into first bowl

5. Mix all ingredients with wooden spoon

6. Bond together to create dough

7. Dough must feel soft, but not soggy

8. Once you achieve right consistency, you can easily remove dough from bowl

9. Create clean work surface for kneading

10. Knead for 7 - 10 mins

11. Work through initial wet stage until dough starts to form a smooth soft skin

12. Form dough into rounded shape

13. Place in bowl, cover with dish towel

14. Rest for 8 - 10 hours - we recommend overnight


1. Place empty pot in oven for 30 mins

2. Remove dough from bowl 

3. Knead for 3 mins to remove air

4. Keep round shape intact

5. Make 1 cut on the top of the dough

6. Remove pot from oven, line with baking paper and lightly sprinkle flour

7. Place dough inside pot and cover

8. Place pot inside oven for 35 mins

9. Bread should look cooked - but not golden

10. Remove top of pot and cook for 10 mins with no top

11. Bread will be perfectly crispy and golden

12. Remove pot from oven and rest before serving