OUR PRESS: Pre-Fall 2017

Our Press | June 05, 2017

Vogue Runaway

NEW YORK, June 5, 2017
by Emily Farra

Pre-Fall 2017

Earlier this year, husband-and-wife duo Oliver and Bessie Corral quietly debuted their new label Arjé, named after an ancient Greek word philosophers used to describe “the essence of everything.” At first glance, it seemed like an appropriately elegant, minimal collection of luxurious basics like silk blouses and wide-leg pants. But Arjé’s chilled-out vibes contradict its cutting-edge innovation: Not only is the label on the see-now-buy-now schedule, but the Corrals also made the radical decision to cut out samples—meaning everything they design gets produced, with no input from buyers or editors. So they have to truly believe in it—and sell it.