OUR PRESS - Editor's Pick: Winter Coats

| December 01, 2017

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December 1, 2017
by Caroline Issa

Editor's Pick: Winter Coats

You'll be as snug as a teddy bear in this perfectly cut, oversize shearling coat from the Gap. Probably the warmest of all the options shown here, this is a coat to live in in the winter with its large collar that keeps the wind at bay and huge pockets. The two-for-one aspect of this coat is hugely compelling as well, as if cut off the tag and it becomes fully reversible with the shearling inside to keep you cosy. Well, I would anyhow! It's got a price tag higher than what you might be used to at the Gap, but it's a true classic and will be a lifetimer in your wardrobe so you can pretty much amortize it for about £1 a wear. Now that's value.